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Tally-Up! Version And State Tax Binary Files Download Page

This page is for users whose systems prevent downloading executable files.

There are two sources for these file downloads; the main (FTP) source and an alternate (HTTP) source. For most customers, the main source is faster and more reliable, but some customer's firewall settings prevent access. If downloading from the main source fails, try the alternate.  Regardless of the method you select, you should see a dialog message like this:

Important!  Regardless of the download method you use, click Save to download the file into a temporary directory, not your Tally-Up! directory.  Then rename the .bin file suffix to .exe and run it to start the update installation program.

Download The Latest State Tax Files Here

The files were last updated on 12/23/2020.

2021 Base Rates

Click here to see the State Tax file  change history.

Clicking either of the  buttons below will cause a file named sttax21.bin to be selected for download.  Then, click Save to download sttax21.bin in a temporary folder. Finally, rename the file sttax21.exe and run sttax21.exe to install the new state tax files.

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