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Tally-Up! Tips And Tricks

This page will always be "under construction."  As the year progresses, Our staff add tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Tally-Up!   If you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to email us as support@hrsCentral.com , or call at (336) 632-8990.

Right-Click Is Your Friend! 

In Tally-Up!, a right-click (clicking on something with your mouse's right button) often brings up a popup menu -- a menu that is invisible until it is activated.  These popup menus can significantly improve your productivity and make Tally-Up! easier to use.  

There are over one hundred popup menus in Tally-Up!  Here are details about some of the most important.   

Checking Your Data. 

Tally-Up! automatically checks much of the data you enter in the Edit Pages, but there are some ways that errors can "creep in" without being detected.  Tally-Up! provides several special processes to check and help you correct data errors.  Click here to review these processes.

Edit From List. 

Do you ever need to enter the same data in several records?  One user, for example, needed to enter a $100.00 user-defined expense into each record with a Budget Center value of "Market."  Tally-Up! makes this easy.   Click here to find out how.    

Maintaining Tally-Up! Local Taxes Click here for details!

Many folks have asked me about managing their Tally-Up! Local tax codes.  Unlike Federal taxes, which are included in the Tally-Up! program, and State taxes, which we maintain for you, the Local tax codes and rates have always been maintained by the user. This is because many users prefer to name and code their localities themselves.  Click here to find out how.

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