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Tally-Up! Tips and Tricks

Right-Click Is Your Friend!


In Tally-Up!, a right-click (clicking on something with your mouse's right button) often brings up a popup menu -- a menu that is invisible until it is activated.  These popup menus can significantly improve your productivity and make using Tally-Up!  easier.  

There are over one hundred popup menus in Tally-Up!  We will show you some of the most important.

A popup menu on the main Tally-Up! screen.  

Did you know that right-clicking on the main Tally-Up! screen brings up a small menu showing your most recent menu selections?  Well, it does.  A real help if you are switching between activities, like going back and forth between Company Options and Open a Record to test the impact of different Company Option settings and the Grossup On The Fly calculations.

Popup menus in the edit screens. 

Tally-Up! users report that they spend more time entering transferee information in Tally-Up! than performing any other activity.  Tally-Up! has a number of  popup menus to make entering and editing data easier.  There are three unique popup menus in the Tally-Up! edit screens. Click here to learn about them.

Popup menus in lists.

Tally-Up! is full of lists, and almost every list has a popup menu.  This is an example of a list popup menu. Since some lists contain almost one thousand items, the "Find in List" selection can speed up finding the right one.  Just enter some characters in the dialog that appears, and Tally-Up! will find the first match.  Then press the <F3> key to find the next.  

By the way, most Tally-Up! lists are alphabetically sorted, so typing while the list is active will cause the list to scroll to the keys you type.  For example, typing E might scroll to a field starting with "Earliest."  Unlike most lists, Tally-Up! lists will match multiple keys.  Typing E, then F will bring the list to "Effective."

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