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Tally-Up! Ordering Information

Order Tally-Up! by:

Calling 336-632-8990 (We like this best)



HR Solutions, Inc.
107 Shore Dr.
Shiloh, NC 27974

Regardless of the method you choose, we will need the following information:

  1. Your company's name

  2. Your company's address

  3. Your name and title

  4. Your email address

  5. Your telephone number

  6. The number of per-move licenses you need

  7. Whether this is a multi-client system (See note)

  8. A purchase order number (optional)

Note: A multi-client system is generally used by a third-party company that processes data for several clients. It manages several different client companies using a single Tally-Up! program. When the program starts, a list of clients (companies) appear, allowing you to select one to work with. Also, a multi-client system has a "New client" menu item under the "File" menu. 
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