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Tally-Up! Tips and Tricks

Edit From List


Do you ever need to enter the same data in several records?  One user, for example, needed to enter a $100.00 user-defined expense into each record with a Budget Center value of  "Market".  Tally-Up! makes this easy with the "File" ==> "Edit From List" menu option.

As soon as you select this option, you will see the Tally-Up! selection criteria window.  Just define "Budget Center equals market" and click the OK button.  Tally-Up! will search the database for all records with a Budget Center value of market, and display them in this list.

Make sure the "Start on last page edited" box is checked, and select the first record to edit by either double-clicking on the line or pressing the spacebar or clicking the  Edit  button when the line is selected.  This will bring up the Edit Pages, just as if you had selected "File" --> "Open" from the main menu.

Go to the Expenses Page and select the correct expense table.  Then, enter the expense for this record.

In this example, we entered a $100 Special Bonus paid to the employee.  Before you save the record, right-click on this new expense line.

Select "Copy Row" from the popup menu.  Now save the record, and the record list will reappear.

Select the next record to edit.  The Edit Pages will appear, automatically selecting the Expenses Page and the Regular User-defined Expenses table.

Click on a blank line in the table, then right-click.

 Select "Paste Row" from the popup menu.  The expense will appear in the row.  

If, as in this example, the payee was the employee, Tally-Up! will use the current employee as the payee.

Save the record, and select the next employee from the list.

That's it!  It doesn't get much easier than this. 


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