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Shrinking A Tally-Up! Graph
Consider this chart.  It has seventeen elements.  It is crowded, cluttered, and difficult to understand.  Let's put some of the smaller values into a single element called "Other".  First, click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

This window will appear.  It shows the total points (17).  Change the Shrink Target to 10, and click the Shrink button.  Then, click OK.


Now, the chart looks like this.  Ten bars instead of seventeen.  The eight smallest values have been combined into one bar marked "Other"  This might be fine for most charts, but what if you need to see the contents of the "Other" bar?


Click the Styles button to display this menu.  Then click the "Show Other Details" menu item.


Now, the "Other" mark has been expanded to show the names of the elements contained in the "Other" bar.

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