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Backing Up and Restoring Your Tally-Up! Files

If you choose, Tally-Up! can back up and restore your data whenever you want by simply selecting "Back Up Data Files" and "Restore Backup" from the Housekeeping ==> File Utilities menu. The files will be backed up in a standard ZIP file, and can be restored either from Tally-Up! or any standard unzip utility.  Here's how to use this feature.

Setting Tally-Up! For Backing Up

Before Tally-Up! can back up your files, you have to tell it which files to back up and where to put them.  To do this,  go to Housekeeping ==> Program Customization ==> Company options, then double-click on the "Set Data Backup Options" line.  This screen will appear.

This screen shows a list of all the file sets containing your data.  You may elect to back up all file sets or just a few.  Since you can control which file sets to restore, we recommend that you select All file sets.

In addition to selecting files to  back up, you need to select a folder to hold the backup files.  The folder name will always end with "taly07bu".  For example, if you enter C:\, Tally-Up! will use a folder named "C:\taly07bu".  .If you simply enter taly07bu, the backup folder will be taly07bu under your Tally-Up! program folder.  When the files have been selected and folder defined, click OK.  Then click OK on the Company Options screen and save your changes.  When you return to the main screen, you will see these two new menu items under "Housekeeping" ==> "File Utilities":


Backing Up Your Files

Now that you are all set up, you may back up your files at any time by clicking the "Back Up Data Files" menu item.  You will see this window:

This screen shows the file sets you selected in Company Options, and the backup folder and filename.  There is no need to remember the folder or filename, because  Tally-Up! remembers it for you.  This file will be named with numbers denoting the year, month, name, hour and minute the backup was performed.  To back up your files, click Back Up Now.  The backup process will start, and in just a few seconds, the word "Done" will appear on this screen.

Note: Your Active, Storage and Payee data files cannot be backed up unless you are the sole Tally-Up! user.  If you are not the sole user at this time, Tally-Up! will tell you so, and ask whether to continue.  If you choose to continue, all selected file sets except your Active, Storage and Payee data files will be backed up. 

Restoring A Backup

To restore a backed-up file set,  select  "Housekeeping" ==> "File Utilities" ==>  "Restore Backup" from the Main Menu:  This brings up this screen:

A list of all backups sorted by backup date and time, most recent first, are in the drop-down list at the upper-left of the screen.  Usually, you would want to restore the most recent backup, so it is selected by default.  The list to the left shows all file sets contained in the backup file.  Select the file sets to restore by highlighting the line and clicking the appropriate button.  When the desired file set(s) have been moved to the "Files To Restore" list, click the Restore button.

Note: Your Active, Storage and Payee data files cannot be restored unless you are the sole Tally-Up! user.  If there are Active, Storage and Payee data files in the backup file, and if you are not the sole user at this time, Tally-Up! will not put those files in the list, and there will be a message to that effect in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.

That's all there is to  it!  If you have any problems, just contact us.

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