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 Recording Changes Made to Your Tally-Up! Data

Tally-Up! has the ability to record all changes to your active data files.  If you choose, it will record exactly which record was changed, when it was changed, who changed it, and the data before and after the change.  The change records can be kept for as long as you like.

Setting Tally-Up! to track these data changes is easy.  Just go to Housekeeping ==> Program Customization ==> Company options.

Scroll to the option regarding tracking changes.  It is near the bottom of the list.  Double-click the option line to display this window:


If you select the "Enable Tracking" button, changes will be logged to a file and a "View Tracking Log" menu item will appear on the Housekeeping menu. If you enable tracking, you may specify the number of days you want Tally-Up! to keep the tracking data on file. Entering 0 days will cause Tally-Up! to keep the data forever. If you enter a non-zero value and check the "Confirm Before Deleting" box, Tally-Up! will ask for confirmation before deleting the old data.

Click the OK button to return to the Company Options screen.  Click OK again and confirm the save.

At this point you should be back to the main screen.  From this point on, all changes made to active files will be logged.  In addition, there will be this new "View Tracking Log" menu item under "Housekeeping".

After some changes have been made, selecting this "View Tracking Log" menu item will display this screen:

This is the "Main View" of the Tracking Log.  It  is divided into two tables; the event table on top and the detail on the bottom.  The top table has one line for each change, ordered by date.  As you click on the top lines, the bottom table will change to show the details involved in the change.  In addition the transferee's name will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

For ease of viewing, you may sort the event table by Date And Time, Changed By, Transferee ID, or Action Taken by selecting the "Sort Events" menu item.  In addition you may search the event table for a specific  item by selecting the "Search" menu item.

The "Text View" is simply a tab-delimited view of the same information.  From this view, you may copy the data to the clipboard or save the log to a text file.  Since this is a tab-delimited view, saving the log to a file ending with .XLS will allow it to be read by Microsoft Excel.

That's it!  If you have any problems, just contact us.

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