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Free Goodies For You!

Over the years, we have created some small utilities that enhance the value of Tally-Up! They were created at our customers' requests, and we are happy to offer them to you at no charge. We make no guarantees that these programs will meet your needs, but we will support you as you use them, and welcome any suggestions or feedback.

Instructions for downloading and installing these goodies

There are two sources for the download; the main (FTP) source and an alternate (HTTP) source.  For most customers, the main source is faster and more reliable, however some firewall settings may prevent access.  If downloading from the main source fails, try the alternate. 

Regardless of the source, the instructions for downloading are the same. 

Make a note of the location where the download file will be saved.
When the download is complete, locate the file and open (run) it.  This will expand a number of files and allow you to install the program.

Note: None of these programs place any files in your System or Windows folder, nor do they modify the Windows registry.

Goodie Number 1: Smart21.Exe

This free program updates Tally-Up! records from an ASCII (text) file. The import file is usually generated by the Payroll system and contains information needed to produce the most accurate Withholding Amounts results.

Note: This free version of Smart21.Exe is the generic version, and is adequate for most customers. Some customers require a specialized version, and we will be happy to provide them for a reasonable fee.

Goodie Number 2: MakeAuto.Exe

Tally-Up! can be made to auto execute some reports at startup and optionally exit by using this free program. Some users run a custom report daily and send the report file to accounts payable and/or payroll. They can use this free program to automate this process. Simply put, MakeAuto creates an autorun definition file. Once created, you can execute Tally-Up! with the command

TALLY21.EXE AUTORUN=<filename>

where <filename> is the name of the autorun definition file created by MakeAuto.

This command can be completely automated by using the Windows Scheduler utility. For example, the report could automatically be written once a day at midnight.

Goodie Number 3: TallyRpt.Exe

The Tally-Up! System can create Table reports and save them in a special file with the extension .DTB. These DTB files can be viewed and printed in Tally-Up! by selecting "Reports" -- "Utility Reports" -- "Stored Table Reports".

The DTB files have special code that allows TallyRpt to "PrettyPrint" the report, automatically adjusting printer orientation and font size for the best fit.

TallyRpt is a free utility to view and print these DTB files without the need for Tally-Up!. It can also view and print simple text files.

If you have clients to whom you routinely mail or fax Tally-Up! reports, you can email them TallyRpt just one time, then email your reports on DTB files where they can store, view, and "PrettyPrint" them.

Goodie Number 4: Automatic Tally-Up! Data Backups

Tally-Up! has the ability to back up your data and settings to a location of your choice.  This little program, along with your Windows Task Scheduler,  allows you to back up your files automatically, even at night.  This downloaded file is named "backinst.exe".  Running it causes an install program that will install AutoBu21.Exe in your Tally-Up! 2021 folder. 

Then, once you have set your backup specifications in Tally-Up! (Learn how here), you will be able to use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule AutoBu21.Exe to run whenever you want it to. 

For example, we automatically back up our data every night at midnight.  Then, when we start Tally-Up! the next morning, we see a message indicating that our data was backed up.

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