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Relocation expense tracking software.

Tally-Up! Relocation Expense Management System Features

Tally-Up! is the complete relocation expense and tax management tracking system. When using  Tally-Up! you create data files in an encrypted, proprietary format. Your data are stored at your location as well as at any backup locations  you choose. This significantly reduces the likelihood that your data can be changed or corrupted by unauthorized personnel or internet hackers. 

Tally-Up! runs on 32 bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, including 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP Home, and XP Professional.  Tally-Up! also runs on Vista and Windows 7, but may be required to run in compatibility mode.*  

Here are just a few Tally-Up! features:

  • Easy, intuitive user interface.

  • Thousands of context-sensitive help messages -- help that actually helps.

  • Free telephone help, directly from the developers.  As much as you want, as often as you like, with never a charge. 

  • The security and stability that comes from more than 19 years of customer feedback and program improvements.

  • More than eighty user-defined options to ensure conformance to your company's policies.

  • More than 50 user-defined options to ensure conformance to each user's personal preferences.

  • Accommodates up to fifty simultaneous users in multiple sites over a variety of networks.

  • More than 500 standard data fields and up to 100 user-defined data fields.

  • Fourteen standard expense types and up to 200 user-defined expense types.

  • Sophisticated point-and-click, user-defined calculated fields.

  • Built-in mailing labels, memos and graphs.

  • More than 40 standard reports and an unlimited number of user-defined reports.  Your reports can be emailed and  written to the screen, printer, files, and directly to Microsoft Word and Excel*.  Reports can even be exported to files that most other databases can import, eliminating double entry of your data.

  • All tools for Payroll, Federal, State & Local tax compliance.  When state and federal tax laws that affect relocation are changed, your system will be updated.  Automatically, at no charge. 

  • Calculates gross-up (tax assistance) for all taxing authorities, using any methodology you choose. 

  • Automatic data backup to keep your data safe.

  • Data entry and change logging to help you track who changed what.

  • Employee status data and other reports emailed directly to the transferee. 

  • Automatic (and free) version and state tax updates.

This is just a tiny list of the things Tally-Up! does.  Tally-Up! provides you with many other features and benefits. To learn how Tally-Up! can meet your own relocation tracking and reporting needs, and to qualify for a free complete system, download the demo now. Then, contact us or order Tally-Up! now.

* "Microsoft", "Windows", "Word" and "Excel" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


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