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Download The Tally-Up! Demo

If you have never used Tally-Up!, we invite you to download the Tally-Up! demo.  There is really no way to adequately understand the power and ease of Tally-Up!, without a hands-on evaluation.  After evaluating our demo, you can get a free, complete, fully-functional Tally-Up! system with permission to enter and process all information for five transferees, just by calling us at (336)632-8990.     

Instructions for downloading and installing the Tally-Up! Demo

Note: You might want to print this page for reference. 

There are two sources for the download; the main (FTP) source and an alternate (HTTP) source.  Most people find the main source to be faster and more reliable, however, some firewall settings prevent access.  If downloading from the main source fails, try the alternate. 

Regardless of the source, the instructions for downloading are the same. 

Make a note of the location where the download file will be saved.  The downloaded file name is tudemo21.exe.   Download tudemo21.exe into a temporary folder -- not the folder in which you want to install the demo. 
When the download has completed, find the file and open (run) it.  This expands a number of files and allow you to install the Tally-Up! demo into the folder of your choice.

Note: Tally-Up! systems (including the demo) do not place any files in your System or Windows folder, nor do they modify the Windows registry.

Regardless of the source you choose, if you are using Internet Explorer, you should see the following: 


Select Save and make a note of the location where the download file will be saved.  The downloaded file name is tudemo21.exe.

When the download is complete, find the file and open (run) it.  You may see this message:

Click the Run button.  You will then see:


Then, in a moment, this install screen will appear.


You may either accept or change the default folder.  Click the Install button  and the installation will proceed.  When the installation is complete, you will see: 


If you want a Tally-Up! icon to be placed on your desktop, check the "Create a Tally-Up! Icon" box.  Check the "Run Tally-Up! now" box to start the Tally-Up! demo when you close this window.  

Finally, click Close.


That's it!  If you have any problems, just contact us.

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